30 January 2011

Wii - The Bridge Between Nations

My weekend has been thoroughly enjoyable thus far. It seems to be passing fairly quickly as well. The next four months will be over before I know it.

Friday night, Anne-Sophie made crepes for the whole family. The batter was poured onto this hot plate, and then we put either ham and cheese, fried egg, or nutella and bananas on top of it. They were delicious! I've never seen a plate like this either. Usually, most restaurants use a giant plate and most people I know would use a skillet.

Saturday, Julia invited me to see the remains of an ancient Roman theatre. Performances are still held in this space, and it would a great spot to have a picnic once spring arrives. To be able to sit in a space that is over one thousand years old and look out over the city was breathtaking. We spent a while just sitting in the stands. After that we visited the museum that is located in the hill and showcases Gallo-Roman artifacts found specifically in the Lyon area. I saw a lot of tombstones. Those were interesting because the epitaphs were written in great detail, usually indicating the immediate family of the person who died as well as their occupation and sometimes where they lived. Each floor had a mosaic, usually describing a story from Roman mythology. Other artifacts included: bronze age weaponry, bracelets, statues of political/mythological figures. I also learned that there is evidence that a human presence existed before Roman rule in the plain of Vaise, which is northwest of Lyon.

After dinner Saturday night, I played Wii bowling with Anne-Sophie, her boyfriend, and Julia. I won the first game by getting five strikes, three of them consecutively. At this point it was around 10:30, so I was getting a little tired. However, Anne-Sophie's boyfriend insisted that he have the opportunity to seek revenge. So I stayed one more round and beat him by one point. Even though everyone is always speaking fast French at me, playing with my host family on the Wii feels familiar. And I'm good at it, which helps. When I mess up they tease me, and when I'm doing well I gloat a little.

Today I'll be seeing my American movie, and probably studying for most of the day. C'est la vie.


  1. Little know fact, the Roman Coliseum was the first stadium with a roof. how old is Anne-Sophie?