05 January 2011

First Day in the City

Today was my first day out and about. Woke up at 9:30 in the morning, had a breakfast of bread, nutella and a banana, took a shower and was off to the university! Because I'm enrolled in the DEUF program, my meeting is actually tomorrow. So I didn't really need to go today, but it was a good visit nonetheless. The campus is about the size of the North Quad, which totally blew my mind and made me miss Mizzou.

After I was done at the International Office, I met Julia (the other foreign exchange student staying with my host family) at the cafe. She took me around the center of the city with her friend, Nastia. The first store we went to was one that sold postcards, pens, books, and other such things. Here's where you can respond: if I were to send a postcard would you rather have a stereotypical "Greetings from Lyon" postcard or a weird-artsy-type postcard?

After that we went to Starbucks. Now I know what you're thinking. "Jordan, what the heck? There are TWO Starbucks in COMO!" But here's where France is great. At this Starbucks they sell actual meals, like pancakes and paninis, and awesome bakery stuff, like doughnuts and CAKE. Then we went to a few stores because Nastia, who is returning home next week, was looking for souvenirs to take for her parents.

I'm still not all that great with speaking and responding yet, but hopefully in the next week or so I can nail that down. Practice makes perfect after all, and I've definitely been practicing. And I understood enough French to laugh at appropriate times! Normally, I can't even pull that off in English so, I'm considering today I good day.

Pictures will be up later.

Current state of mind - victorious.


  1. Definitely weird-artsy type. :)

  2. Postcards with pictures of places on them! And that cool ferris wheel.