09 January 2011

Defeated by the Rain

I went on a picture taking journey yesterday, when it was bright and and 14C (about 55F for those who don't want to do the conversion). I managed to walk to both rivers, la Rhone and la Saone. The views of both were beautiful. By la Rhone, there are places to get close to the river and walk around. I sat for a while with some gulls on the staircase leading to one such place. It was a relaxing way to spend the early afternoon. When I was tired of sitting, I made my way across the bridge and on the other side was a mini-skate park. A few kids were jumping in and out of the ramps with their scooters and bikes.

Today, I had a plan to walk across that bridge again, but this time venture further into the city. Unfortunately, it is raining quite a lot today, especially for someone who doesn't have a real destination in mind. I got a picture of a store that sells manga though, and I decided that, no matter what the weather, I will go to the movies later this week. There are about 4 that I've seen coming out on Wednesday, including the new Miyazaki movie! So exciting. For me at least.

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  1. Boo Rain! Hope your enrollment day goes smoothly tomorrow!