14 January 2011

"You Shall See Things, Wonderful to Tell"

First person to get the reference wins everything forever.

Today was slightly more exciting than yesterday. It began with finally buying myself a watch! Most of the stores are having a major sale this week, and the cost of everything is drastically reduced. The watch I bought was originally 100 euros, and I paid 41.50 for it. And it comes with a warranty, so that's awesome. After doing that I sat and watched the gulls on what is now my favorite place in the entire city.
After that I walked along La Rhone for about two hours. During this time I saw lots of graffiti, some high schoolers hanging out a playground-type area, and old people feeding geese. Something that really jarred me though was walking out from the center of the city to find the bridge where homeless people lived. I've seen homeless people before, there are quite a few that show up at Crown Center Plaza. However, I've never really had the image of people camping out in a tent or in a bridge support before. It reminded me that social problems exist everywhere, and I need to keep myself mindful of it.

Tomorrow Julia and I are responsible for making dinner. The rest of the family will be gone. Somewhere, I didn't really understand that part of the conversation. Ah well.


  1. Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

    Awesome quote Jordy!

  2. Social injustice is everywhere not just in the USA. Although I wonder if in France they have people screaming that it doesn't exist like you have here.

    Sounds like you have to put your culinary skills to the test! Make something with pasta maybe some pesto to go with it....