21 December 2010

Packing: 13 Days

With all the nothing I've had to do so far during my winter break, I've been thinking quite a bit about what I need to bring with me on my trip overseas. Obviously I'll need clothes, toiletries, my camera, and laptop. The latter especially, otherwise this blog would be pointless. But I also have questions concerning whether I should bring something that reminds me of home, photos that I can keep in a drawer, books (if I have downtime during travel), or whether it would be best to pack light now and then buy whatever I might need when I arrive in Lyon. I've been able to pack well for living in Columbia, but packing for living in another country is completely different. I think I'll be able to figure it out when the time comes, and I'll probably get some "volunteered" advice along the way.

17 December 2010

Back Home, But Not For Long: 17 Days

I have moved out of the dorms forever! Yesterday I had my last final of the semester, so my dad came to pick me up today and move me and my stuff back home. My student visa was awaiting me on the dining room table and, it is pretty awesome not to have to worry about that any more.

Tomorrow I have to mail my registration forms to the Universite Jean Moulin and buy some trouser socks. No jeans allowed in France! Which is nice anyway, because none of my jeans fit me now.

I don't have that much longer to be in the US, but while I'm here I'm definitely going to relax. And try not to scare myself, or stress out about having to be air traveling for 24 hours with little sleep.

Current state of mind - chill

15 December 2010

A Little Hint of Confusion: 19 Days

Lyon has two academic programs: SELF and DEUF. SELF classes are taught in English and the DEUF program directly enrolls foreign students directly into courses at the university. When I registered in early November, I enrolled in the SELF program and planned to take an additional French literature course. However, per the suggestion of the university, I am changing my enrollment to DEUF and adding 2 SELF courses. Apparently, I need to change my registration online but, from the way the emails and links are set up, it seems like I might have to completely re-register. Thus the confusion. Good thing the International Center has walk-in hours!

In other news, I have my last final of the semester tomorrow. Yay! The class is multicultural literature and the final will be cake. Honestly, it's one of the best GenEd courses I've taken so far and the professor actually invited me to take her poetry class next fall (which I am because my professor is awesome and she loves me).

Current state of mind - shockingly calm

13 December 2010

Last Monday at Mizzou (for a few months anyway): 21 Days

Shockingly enough, I am living quite the productive life. Yesterday I wrote my final for French class, due Tuesday, and this morning I studied some for my theatre history test, which as of now I will take in an hour. After that, it will be time to sell textbooks, tell the residential department that I won't be here next semester, and write a four page paper. No big deal.

Leaving the US still seems unreal to me, even after course registration, buying my plane ticket, and the student visa application. I probably won't fully realize how long I'll be gone, and that I'm in a foreign country, until I land in Lyon. Right now, I'm just trying to make it through my last week of the semester. Then I can just enjoy the time I have during winter break.

09 December 2010

My Day of Good Fortune: 25 Days

All is well. CampusFrance sent my completed registration, I printed the email at a FedEx office on the basement floor of a building on Michigan Avenue. Then, I arrived at the Consulate early, so I was able to submit all the documents for my visa by 10:30AM. Got a cab back to the airport and an early flight home.

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday, so I'm not going back to school until Saturday morning. It should be a fun time. I'm finally at ease with the world.

Truly happy.

08 December 2010

Countdown to France: 26 Days

So here I am, waiting for my mom to pick me up and take me back home so I can catch my flight to Chicago tomorrow. Still waiting on the 'ok' from CampusFrance, which I need to have in order to apply for my visa. I'll definitely be posting tomorrow to give the update on this situation.

Classes are over, and still stressing. Love life!

06 December 2010

Countdown to France: 28 Days

Hey everyone! So because I am currently in the mood to distract myself, I have gone ahead and started what will be the blog about my semester in France.

For those of you who do not know me, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Missouri-Columbia and am working to obtain a degree in French and theatre performance. I will be traveling to Lyon for my second semester this year, staying with a host family, and taking a very full course load. My departure is set for January 3rd and I will not be coming back to the US until May 28th.

So, 28 days. Right now I am dealing with red tape (i.e. obtaining my student visa). Here's what has to happen in order to be issued a student visa by the French consulate. Step one: Register with CampusFrance. Step Two: Pay CampusFrance a processing fee. Step three: Wait for CampusFrance to give the "ok" on your registration. Step four: Make an appointment with the Consulate. Step five: Go to Consulate with various forms/fees. Step six: Wait for visa to be mailed to you.

Gotta love bureaucracy!