15 December 2010

A Little Hint of Confusion: 19 Days

Lyon has two academic programs: SELF and DEUF. SELF classes are taught in English and the DEUF program directly enrolls foreign students directly into courses at the university. When I registered in early November, I enrolled in the SELF program and planned to take an additional French literature course. However, per the suggestion of the university, I am changing my enrollment to DEUF and adding 2 SELF courses. Apparently, I need to change my registration online but, from the way the emails and links are set up, it seems like I might have to completely re-register. Thus the confusion. Good thing the International Center has walk-in hours!

In other news, I have my last final of the semester tomorrow. Yay! The class is multicultural literature and the final will be cake. Honestly, it's one of the best GenEd courses I've taken so far and the professor actually invited me to take her poetry class next fall (which I am because my professor is awesome and she loves me).

Current state of mind - shockingly calm

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