13 December 2010

Last Monday at Mizzou (for a few months anyway): 21 Days

Shockingly enough, I am living quite the productive life. Yesterday I wrote my final for French class, due Tuesday, and this morning I studied some for my theatre history test, which as of now I will take in an hour. After that, it will be time to sell textbooks, tell the residential department that I won't be here next semester, and write a four page paper. No big deal.

Leaving the US still seems unreal to me, even after course registration, buying my plane ticket, and the student visa application. I probably won't fully realize how long I'll be gone, and that I'm in a foreign country, until I land in Lyon. Right now, I'm just trying to make it through my last week of the semester. Then I can just enjoy the time I have during winter break.

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