13 January 2011

Stovetop Misadventures

So Tae Kwon Do was not today, as I originally thought. Sports activities start up on the last week of January, so you will find out about my martial arts training on the 27th. Because of this, I was able to eat dinner at the apartment tonight. However, everyone else also had Thursday night plans, so my host mother got some food out for me to heat up. Frozen chicken nuggets and potato balls that were sort of like French fries.

This is when things got interesting. First, the stove is essentially a giant touchpad and, it took me about five minutes to figure out how to set the temperature of burner and make it stay that temperature. Eventually I figured it out. Second, these were food items that should have gone in the oven, but since they were put in a skillet for me I thought I should use the stove. The potato balls were super dry and the nuggets turned out kind of mushy. Such is life. I ended up drinking three glasses of Coke Zero just to get the taste out of my mouth. Here's the moral of the story: I'm not ungrateful, just bad in an unfamiliar kitchen.

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