06 January 2011

The University

Before I got started, I just need to say that last night I watched Grey's Anatomy in French. It was interesting, to say the least.

Today I had a meeting for DEUF students. It was all in French, and I understood pretty much everything that was said which is good, because most of my classes will be that way. There are a lot of information sessions I have to attend between now and when classes begin. Honestly, I'm pretty ready for classes to start. I need something normal in my life.

It's been raining almost the whole day. Sadface. It definitely doesn't help my mood any. But I suppose that's just the way things go.


The other student who is staying with my host family took me out with her friends to a bar called "The Beers." I got to meet Russians, Italians, and one guy from Peru. That was exciting! All but one of them are leaving within the next two weeks, but I'm still glad I got the chance to go out with them.

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