23 January 2011

Weekend Experiences in Lyon

Thus far, my weekend has been fairly relaxing. Yesterday I went to see a movie at the cinema near Bellcour. The film I decided on was called Les emotifs anonymes or Emotional Persons Anonymous. It was about two neurotic chocolate makers who fall in love when the woman takes a job selling the chocolate of the shop that the man owns and runs. The woman also randomly sang the French version of the Sound of Music song "Confidence in Me" which was interesting. Shockingly enough, I understood what was happening. Also, when I purchased my ticket, it came with an offer for a reduced price ticket to see a movie next week. Definitely going to take advantage of that.

Today I decided to take a trip to Vieux Lyon. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do once I got there, but I managed to stumble upon a miniature museum. It was four floors and about eight rooms, so I went through it fairly quickly. There was a lot of interesting exhibits. For example, the museum showed different rooms done by a man named Dan Ohlman. He created miniature libraries, lofts, and various scenes. They were very detailed and well done. I envy people who have that much control over their hands.

On my way back to the apartment, I walked through an open-air market. It smelled fantastic. There were booths selling fruits, vegetables, and normal market-type foods. But there were also booths for roasted chickens, dumplings, and huge blocks of cheese. I really wanted to get something, but I was so overwhelmed that I just walked through and looked at everything. Next time, I will pick something up.

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  1. I loved your FB pics of the Miniature Museum. Very cool. You know which I liked best of course!