11 January 2011

Serious Business

The rain was downright disheartening today. Or maybe that's just me being overly homesick/ridiculous/dramatic/sentimental that is absolutely necessary. Either way, I didn't feel all that great.

The language placement test was today and, I'll find out the results of that tomorrow. Hopefully I can get an early start to tomorrow, so I can get my student card, the results of the test, and settle my confusion about scheduling classes. All before the international relations office closes for lunch! Because I'm not planning on sticking around for 2 hours without a laptop or a place to go for just one of those things to get done.

Some of you may not know this, but Lyon is the gastronomic capitol of France. Obviously, I haven't had a dish so far that I haven't liked. And tonight I was treated to a family specialty. Tomatoes stuffed with cheese, served with penne noodles! I had two servings of each, and it was the most I've eaten for dinner since I arrived. My appetite is finally returning to normal, and I'm going to take that as a positive sign.

I was feeling pretty homesick today as well. Actually, that's an understatement. I know most people are going back to Columbia this Thursday, and I had a major feeling of "GRAH I'm all alone and no one's here and what the hell do I do with my life?" It happens. But after I get my sports card tomorrow, I'll be able to participate in their Tae Kwon Do organization. Having something to do that's familiar, even if it is in a foreign language, will be a huge relief.

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