07 January 2011

Alone in Lyon

Today I spent mostly by myself. I got up, made myself breakfast and even washed a few dishes. Still kind of unsure of whether or not I need to help unloading the dishwasher. I'm taking my cues from the other exchange student, since she's been here a semester already.

After my morning rituals, (can someone please tell my Uncle Scott that it's possible to take warm showers in France?) I went to the university and almost fell asleep during a presentation on the Faculte des lettres. I won't get to access the university Intranet until the 10th, but I have an idea of which classes I might sign up for. At this rate, I don't think any of them will be SELF even though I originally planned to do both.

Once the meeting was over, I got my metro card. It's 25.60 euros a month for students to ride the metro as much as possible. A single one-way ticket is 1.60 euros, and I take the metro every time I go to and from the university. So the card saves me a lot of money and the need to buy things just to get coins.

The rest of the afternoon is up in the air. I've found that I really need a watch. There are not very many clocks at the university, and I don't have a phone. I can see it being an issue at some point.

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