18 January 2011

Subject to Change

Yesterday was my first day of class. Since I only had one, it was a pretty chill day. I bought a bilingual copy of Macbeth and a nutella crepe from a street vendor. Life is swell.

Today was way crazier. I had three classes today, all of them taught in French. Foreign literature, theatre (studying plays), and cinema (in order of my schedule). So the first class wasn't so bad. We're lecturing over Robinson Crusoe, so I need to find a copy of the book. I'm sure the bookstore where I found Macbeth would have it, otherwise I have no idea where I should go. Then I got lost.

Here's the deal. I thought I had cinema second and theatre last so I went to the room where cinema was supposed to be. It turned out to be a sort of philosophy class taught in English. Way confusing. So I went to the International Affairs office and eventually a couple of the staff helped me locate where I could find the postings for the room and time of each of these classes. So I went to theatre with an hour left in lecture. I think that will be my best all French class, as the professor speaks slowly and the material I walked in was review from what I learned in Intro to Literary Analysis last semester. In cinema, the professor talked at lightning speed and I only caught about a third of what he said. That's probably going to be my hardest course.

Because I had a massive headache after my classes ended, I decided to drop my fourth French class in favor of a SELF course. I'd like to be challenged while I'm here, but I would also prefer to keep my sanity and emotional health in tact. That class will be tomorrow. My courses for Thursday and Friday start next week. Life should be getting pretty interesting by the end of the month.

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