01 February 2011

The Joy of Salmon Sandwiches

Yesterday and today I have gone to a sandwich shop that is right next to the entrance I always take into campus. They sell sandwiches, pastries, quiches, and candy bars. Both days I've eaten a salmon sandwich. It's probably my favorite sandwich of all time which I would not have expected. It's just fish and bread, but the bread is delicious and so is the fish. I also got a cookie and Kit Kat bar to go with it. Tomorrow, however, I've promised myself to try Mezzo di Pasta. It's a pasta place that resembles Noodles and has multiple locations. I feel like it's an obligation to compare American and French fast food when such an occasion arises.

Tomorrow I'm going to a pub. The international affairs director organized an event at Red House for all the international students. It should be interesting. Pictures will definitely be included in the following posts.

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