03 February 2011

Late Night, Good Times

Last night I went to a pub called Red House. It's part sports bar, part club. An interesting combination, in my personal opinion. The international relations office reserved the dance floor for all of the SELF and DEUF students, and even included a free drink. Julia and I arrived early, and I did not bring any money with me, so she bought me a pineapple drink while she had a beer. About 10-15 minutes later, a French guy approached us and invited us to join his table of three other guys and one girl. The guys ended up joining us on the dance floor and I went outside with them while they smoked. They tried to get me to take a cigarette, but I politely declined. All in all, it was pretty fun. I ended up dancing with some girls I knew from my Shakespeare and the Supernatural course and I even caught the second to last metro back to the apartment at 12:10AM. All before my 8 AM class today!

I managed to stay awake for my entire class today. Tae Kwon Do again tonight, hopefully I won't pass out again. I ate scrambled eggs, ham, and baguette for lunch and have been drinking water all day. I survived last week, so I'm thinking, whatever happens, it can't be worse than that.

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  1. Better be careful. Sometimes you think you have seen the worst only to have things get worse.