17 February 2011


Now that I've been managing my anxiety for a week and a half, my body decided it was time for me to come down with a physical illness. Not to fear! It's just a cold. The first day I couldn't stop coughing, the second I had a severely sore throat, and today my nose won't stop running. A different symptom for each day of the week. It's pretty annoying, but I find humor in that fact. I won't be going to Tae Kwon Do tonight, though, just so I can give my body a chance to rest. Armed with orange juice, tissues, and antiseptics for my throat I should be over my most recent affliction pretty quickly.

I had my first test of the semester for my FLE course over personal pronouns and the construction of the negative form. Pretty easy stuff actually. The exercises in our workbook are way harder than the exercises given to us on the exam. Next week we have another one over relative pronouns. I'm actually going to study for that one because relative pronouns give me the most trouble in French grammar. Also, our entire class had a "herp derp" moment when we forgot that the verb "tomber" is conjugated with "etre" in the past instead of "avoir." I learned that in French 1B. Ah well. It is an 8AM so maybe we just need to remember to get caffeine before class.

And for all of you out there who are reading this but haven't commented here's a question. I have 305 euros. What should I do?


  1. Plan your trip for break in 2 weeks

  2. rent a bicycle... when you feel better!

  3. Save it 'til you see something you want.

    If you happen to see something like a postcard, or anything, with Cardinal Richelieu on it, can you get it for me? Not too expensive, of course. I'll reimburse you when you get back. Thanks!