23 February 2011

Totes Fun Times

I am officially moving out of my host family's apartment. The lecturing was not the worst it could get. Today I was accused of stealing. Here's one point that makes sense. The contract says I should eat only breakfast and dinner every day, lunch I have to find elsewhere (although Jean-Benoit tried to tell me they only have to provide dinner). I've been eating lunch at the apartment because last month, no one seemed to have an issue with it, Julia has made lunch for the two of us numerous times, and I have been extremely short on cash. In accordance with the contract, I should have notified them about my budget and verified that lunch would be acceptable. This point I concede.

However, when I am told I have complete access to the medicine cabinet I feel like when I have a cold and find Sudafed, that I will be able to take it. When I'm told I have complete access to the pantry if I need something, I expect that I can grab a roll of toilet paper for blowing my nose (especially when there are no tissues/Kleenex to speak of in the apartment). I don't enjoy being made to feel like a bad person, especially in a foreign country, so I'm moving out. Major appreciation to my American friend from LSU who is allowing me to use her apartment while she goes to Italy for break and the international office finds me a new place to stay.

In highly positive news, I have a bank account and a camera! And tomorrow I will have cash. I'm going to spend my entire break wondering around a different area of Lyon. I even plan on going to two museums! Free to students of course. I'm pretty excited about having the week off. I may get some good reading in, too. I should be reading Le Joueur but after 10 pages I might give up and read The Protector's War instead.

This is my life.