08 February 2011

Socialized Medicine

Yes folks, you guessed it. Today I went to the doctor. Here's the story. I was having a prolonged panic attack while sitting in class this morning. An hour later, I decided enough was enough. After a visit to the international relations office, the on-campus nurse, and a line change at the Saxe-Gambetta station I saw an American doctor who has a practice in Lyon.

I've always had problems with anxiety, usually triggered by the thought of going to the hospital. I also have stress problems in unfamiliar situations which cause my stomach to rebel. My body is so fun! The point? It's been getting worse since I've been in France. Both the nurse and the doctor confirmed that my blood pressure and pulse were normal, even though I felt like I had difficulty breathing. Because of all the aforementioned information, the doctor prescribed me Lysanxia, anti-anxiety medication that should only be taken a maximum of twice per day. I took one tablet as soon as I got home and I've felt normal and relaxed since then.

The amazing thing about all this? See, I had to pay 32 euros upfront for the visit. Once I find out where to turn in the reimbursement forms I'll be able to get that money back. Filling the prescription was 2 euros and 60 cents. Yeah, that's right. 2 euros. I bought floss as well. The floss cost 6 euros and 40 cents. Europe is a wonderful place. And a hell of a lot different from what that scenario might have been had I been in the United States.

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  1. ok, so i just caught up on all of your posts from the third one on... I didnt realize i was behind till you posted a link on facebook! Im sorry about your back woes : ( but i am very happy that they are taking such good care of my (lil) cuzzo over there! Keep breathing easy and i really hope you get the courage to check out all those neat shops and markets while you are there... a big bright smile can get you further than your french... but it helps ; )
    be safe