24 February 2011

Tae Kwon Do

The reason I don't normally need anti-depressants.

Seriously, I love it. Stress relief, exercise, and a hell of a lot of fun. We do a lot more of the workout than learning and working on specific techniques, but that is totally fine with me at this point. I don't need to be worrying about getting confused about forms or self-defense steps. The class wouldn't accomplish much anyway as the class normally has about 25-35 students, all of questionable levels.

Today was an even more awesome class because, after two months of living here, I have finally made a French friend! We were working in partners with paddles and he noticed my belt. He asked if I was American. When I said yes, he told me that he was studying English at the university and would like to be an English teacher. We exchanged numbers, and told him if he ever wanted to meet up for an hour or so and just practice speaking that I would be up for it.

This evening I was able to meet my new host family as well. They seem very nice, and said goodbye to me with "les bises" or cheek-kisses. I took an idea of my friend from Georgetown and immediately offered to cook a meal for them once a week. They really liked the idea of homemade American cuisine. The mother also invited me to a free step class, and asked if I needed to be lent a phone. I don't really know anything about cell service in France, but I paid 30 euros for mine and it seems to be working out alright.

Tonight I'm feeling pretty good.

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