12 February 2011

Out Of Town

I think this weekend qualifies as the best weekend I have spent in France thus far.

Friday night I went to a party in honor of one of my friend's birthdays. There were French, British, Australian, and American students all gathered in one person's apartment. The theme for the party was a masquerade, so all the girls were wearing dresses and heavy make-up and the guys wore slacks and collared shirts. Most people wore masks, and those who didn't (like myself) were painted up. My eyes still haven't recovered. It was quite a lot of fun alternating between speaking French and English. I also managed to get in on the gossip, a great way to know that I'm a part of the group I've managed to acquaint myself with.

Today I took the train to Annecy. It's a two hour train ride north of Lyon, and for most part I hung out with two women from Finland and another from Sweden. Our topics of conversation ranged from drunk stories to how guys are assholes to sexual health issues. The town itself was gorgeous. It's a small, old town that is built on the side of a huge lake. On the other side of the lake are mountains. The weather was also nice this afternoon that I just carried my coat around until the sunset. The food was also good. For lunch we ate at Urban Foods, which serves organic-type food. I had a chicken wrap with red peppers, some sort of leafy green, and Parmesan cheese with a pineapple + orange smoothie. Super delicious. For dinner I picked up a ham, mozzarella, and tomato panini. It was filling, warm and again delicious. And only 3.80 euros! It's possible to get good food in France for cheap; as long as you like crepes and sandwiches. And who doesn't like crepes and sandwiches?

Tomorrow I'm going to relax and read for most of the day. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of Annecy because I busted my camera lens. I'll be able to acquire them later. Such is life.

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