17 April 2011

Must Do List

So this weekend I've been thinking of starting a list of everything an international student has to do while they are in Lyon.

1) Attend a party on the steps of Guillotiere
2) Take a day trip (no more than an hour and a half train/bus ride away)
3) Tan at Parc de la Tete d'Or
4) Eat chocolate from Voisin
5) Get fries at McDonald's (especially if you're American, not joking, the "pommes frites" sauce is worth it)
6) Attend at least one cultural event, such as: a theatre production, a night at the opera, a festival/special market

These are all I have so far. As for my weekend, I'm working on plans for my upcoming trip as well as stressing over exams. I'm used to my professors telling me where and when exactly my exams are and, if I forget there's always a syllabus. Well, in France there is no syllabus. The professors don't even know when the exams are scheduled. For example, my cinema professor thought our exam would be the 27th of April. When all Jean Moulin students are on Easter break. At the moment, I find it more amusing than most of my peers as the hours and credits I receive here won't impact when I graduate. However, it does take an attitude adjustment. C'est la vie francaise.

Saturday I took time to relax a little. I went to read one of my books by the Rhone river. The steps between Bellecour and the Rhone is my favorite spot in the entire city. In the late afternoon with the sun shining, the view is absolutely breathtaking. Most of the time, I was just staring at the water. That's one thing I know I'll miss when I come back home.

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