02 March 2011

"That Bridge Looks Oddly Familiar"

So far I have spent my break wondering around Lyon. Yesterday I walked down Avenue des Freres Lumieres, who are famous French filmmakers. They have their own museum! However, I kind of forgot where it is. Maybe I'll find it at some point before Sunday and check it out. The avenue itself had lots of shops, much like Rue Victor Hugo where I used to live. I went inside a small market and chocolate shop and took pictures of the surrounding area. Here's one from the plaza like area at the end of the avenue.

My post title today comes from my thoughts while visiting the Musee des Beaux-Arts. For those of you familiar with the KC area, it's actually structured a lot like the Nelson. Each hallway or floor contains artwork from a different location and the flow of the museum is chronological, for the most part. One room held coins and medallions specifically discovered from the Lyon area and the bottom floor was dedicated to neo-classical sculptures.

Now, about the title. There was a painting I was looking at and as I was doing so I thought that the bridge it depicted looked very familiar. Although the painting was done in the early 1900s, it was a depiction of "la pont de la guillotiere" which I have crossed many times during my walks around the Rhone river. It was pretty awesome.

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